About Me

Transforming Visions into Digital Realities! 💡📲

Hello there! I’m Manish Ahire, a passionate mobile and web application developer based in the vibrant city of Education, Pune, India. With over 9+ years of hands-on experience as an iOS developer, I specialize in creating elegant, high-performance mobile applications that offer exceptional user experiences.

🚀 Crafting Digital Experiences:

My journey in app development is a dynamic exploration where I take pride in building and managing a variety of applications. My toolkit includes Swift for iOS, React Native, and a current venture into the exciting world of Flutter.

💡 Continuous Learning:

I thrive on the thrill of exploring new technologies, platforms, and frameworks, and my commitment to staying on the cutting edge ensures that I bring fresh and innovative solutions to every project.

🌐 Versatility in Tech:

Whether it’s Swift, React Native, or the evolving Flutter, I am adept at navigating various technologies to bring ideas to life.

💼 Key Skills and Highlights:

  • Proficient in Swift, leveraging an in-depth knowledge of the iOS SDK.
  • Expertise in SwiftUI for modern, declarative UI development.
  • Track record of architecting scalable and maintainable mobile solutions.
  • Strong UI/UX design principles for visually appealing app interfaces.
  • Adept at integrating RESTful APIs, Core Data, and third-party libraries.
  • Proven problem-solving skills with a focus on optimizing app performance.
  • Collaborative team player with a history of mentoring junior developers.

🌿 Beyond Coding:

When not immersed in the world of development, you’ll find me exploring the latest technologies and frameworks, always eager to dive into new challenges. I also enjoy travelling, tending to my garden, or spending a day on the Cricket ground.

🌍 Giving Back:

I firmly believe in the power of giving back. Volunteering isn’t just about making the world better; it transforms us too.

📬 Get in Touch:

Feel free to connect through email (ahiremanishb@gmail.com) if you need assistance or guidance, or simply want to share feedback. 🌐💻✨

Let’s create something extraordinary together! 💻✨

👉 He£p Ëvér 🤗 Hûrt NeVeR 💔
- Manish Ahire 😊


A seasoned mobile application developer with a rich 9-year journey in the dynamic landscape of software development. My passion lies in crafting innovative solutions, and my toolkit is a testament to the diverse set of technologies I’ve mastered.

🚀 Technical Mastery: My expertise revolves around the Swift language, with a keen focus on implementing robust Unit and UI Tests. The introduction of SwiftUI in my repertoire has added a layer of modernity to my app development process.

🔧 Versatile Tools: From XCode and VS Code to Git, Github, Bitbucket, and Sourcetree, I seamlessly integrate utilities that enhance my development workflow. Agile methodologies, Scrum, Jira, Kanban, Trello, and Notion are integral to my project management approach.

🌐 Diverse Skill Set: Beyond native development, I’m proficient in cross-platform solutions like React Native and well-versed in DevOps practices, including CI/CD pipelines, Jenkins, and Ansible. Figma is my creative companion for designing seamless user experiences.

🛠️ Scrum Master Experience: I’ve donned the role of a Scrum Master, exemplifying my commitment to agile methodologies and effective team collaboration. This experience has enriched my understanding of project management dynamics.

Technical Analyst : 2021 – Present

  • Collaborated with HSBC client, boosting their digital success with a 30% surge in online customer engagement.

  • Implemented Transmit SDK for Secure Authentication, eliminating Hard Token devices, and reducing authentication-related tickets by 40%.

  • Implemented SSL Pinning and Shield Framework, reducing security breaches by 50% and data tampering incidents by 60%.

  • Enhanced product quality through 100+ code reviews, 40+ unit tests, and 20+ UI tests, ensuring reliability and user satisfaction.

  • Prepared accessibility, ensuring a seamless experience for blind users and achieving a 30% increase in overall app usability.

  • Implemented Automatic Reference Counting (ARC) for precise memory management, resulting in a 25% improvement in app performance.

  • Anticipated and addressed production issues, maintaining 99.9% app uptime and attaining a user satisfaction rating of 4.8/5

Senior Mobile Application Developer : 2018 – 201

  • Contributed to the success of 2 React Native applications, reaching a 25% rise in user acquisition by leveraging cross-platform capabilities.

  • Collaborated with the scrum team of 5 to translate client requirements into implementable user stories.

  • Revamped 4 apps for iOS 13 compatibility, achieving a 25% boost in user satisfaction and seamless experiences.

  • Seamlessly migrated the iOS app to React Native, boosting user engagement by 30%.

  • Acquired Augmented Reality, staying updated with cutting-edge tech trends.

iOS Developer : 2017 – 2018

  • Applied iOS design patterns (Delegate, Notification, Singleton, MVVM) for improved modularity and robustness, reducing code complexity by 30%.

  • Created fluid, scalable apps with Auto Layout for consistent user experience across devices and obtained a 20% increase in user engagement.

  • Optimized apps with In-App Purchase functionality, driving a 25% revenue increase, demonstrating successful monetization strategies and heightened user satisfaction.

Associate Software Engineer : 2015 – 2017

  • Directed end-to-end lifecycle for 10+ successful applications, orchestrating seamless delivery and reducing a 20% project timelines.

  • Proficient in managing diverse Web Services protocols (SOAP, XML, JSON, RESTful), optimizing data exchange efficiency by 30%.

  • Utilized Core Data, optimizing SQLite code, and improving data management efficiency by 35%.

  • Empowered real-time interaction through Apple Push Notifications, resulting in a 15% increase in user retention and heightened user engagement.


Crafting Applications with a Blend of Native and Hybrid Magic!📱


Revolutionized HSBC’s Capital Markets with MyDeal, obtaining a 30% increase in client engagement through a centralized digital platform. Clients now seamlessly access real-time and historical deal information, enhancing their experience.

Tech Stack: Swift, React, Dot.Net, DevOps


CouplAR transformed print media, seamlessly linking it to digital assets. Effortlessly increased textbooks, tutorials, and product content, increasing a 40% engagement and ensuring up-to-date accessibility without the need for QR codes or CDs.

Tech Stack: Swift, SQLite, Angular, Java

Managed Order Platform

Elevating Order Management to the Next Level.

A cutting-edge solution designed to revolutionize order management processes. This dynamic app serves as a robust interface for users to seamlessly access and interact with orders within the Managed Order Platform.

Tech Stack: React Native, Java, Google Maps


Share Destination is a simple way to share your desired destination with your taxi driver.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, Google Maps, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices


Revolutionize taxi booking with the Phicabs app: Set pickup, choose cab type, and track your ride in real-time. Proficient in mobile app development, real-time tracking, and seamless payment integration.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, Google Maps, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices


Innovative platform ensuring a hassle-free experience for Car Owners and Ride Seekers. Proficient in ride-sharing technology, income guarantee, and efficient matching algorithms

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, Google Maps, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices


Developed and programmed DGO Taxi to revolutionize transportation in emerging markets, offering passengers an affordable and reliable mode of travel. Proficient in app development, innovative transportation solutions, and market expansion.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, Google Maps, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices


Engineered and developed Ugo Taxi to elevate taxi services in emerging markets, delivering an affordable and dependable transportation solution. Skilled in app development, innovative transport solutions, and market expansion. Seeking opportunities in mobility and technology.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, Google Maps, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices


Strategically manage sales operations at NaikWealth, optimizing sales force efficiency and cultivating strong client relationships. Proficient in sales management, client engagement, and productivity enhancement. Seeking roles in sales and relationship management.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices



Scout: A mobile marketplace streamlining everyday tasks through efficient outsourcing. Users post tasks, set tips, and nearby Scouts take charge. Proficient in mobile app development, task management, and marketplace optimization. Actively seeking opportunities in mobile and on-demand services.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices

App Repository

Managed App Repository for internal use, housing Android and iOS apps. Streamlined app updates through an admin panel, triggering notifications for prompt installation. Proficient in app deployment, notification systems, and mobile development. Actively seeking roles in app management and deployment.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices, SQLite

Jobs A Board

Jobs A Board: Your go-to job search app for seamless employer and job seeker interaction. Sign up, create profiles, and effortlessly connect employers with job seekers. Proficient in job search app development, profile creation, and job posting functionality. Actively seeking opportunities in mobile app development and job matching platforms.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, UIKit, Auto Layout, RESTful Webservices


Sekeyure: Streamlining visitor tracking in societies with automatic check-in using iBeacons and Bluetooth. Enhance security and efficiency with seamless check-ins. Proficient in app development, iBeacon integration, and Bluetooth technology. Actively seeking roles in mobile app development and smart security solutions.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, Bluetooth, iBecons

Baby Sound

Baby Sounds: A lightweight app with authentic baby sounds, including crying, laughing, and talking. Explore a variety of newborn sounds for a delightful experience. Proficient in mobile app development, sound integration, and user experience. Actively seeking opportunities in app development and audio applications.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, AVFoundation

Birds Sound

Real Birds Sounds: Explore high-quality bird sounds, calls, and images for relaxation and entertainment. Perfect for family time and soothing toddlers. Proficient in mobile app development, sound integration, and user engagement. Actively seeking opportunities in app development and audio applications.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, AVFoundation

Restaurant Locator

Explore nearby restaurants with the Restaurant App: Your go-to for local dining options. Features include restaurant locations, addresses, timings, photos, and menus. Proficient in mobile app development, location-based services, and user interface design. Actively seeking roles in app development and location-based applications.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, AVFoundation


The JobsLocator app is a job portal for job search, posting, and recruiting talented candidates. Job recruiters, professionals, industry experts, skilled staff, and job vacancies are available at your fingertips.
The JobsLocator app offers powerful tools for reviewing candidate/company profiles, screening CVs, scheduling interviews, in-app chat, and talent search.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, GoogleMaps, SQLite

Clinic Locator

Discover nearby clinics with the Clinic Locator app: Your trusted source for local healthcare options. Proficient in mobile app development, location-based services, and user-friendly interfaces. Actively seeking opportunities in app development and health-related applications.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, GoogleMaps, SQLite

Share Story

Share your daily moments on ShareStory – because every story counts. From the ordinary to the extraordinary, capture and connect with friends through shared experiences. Explore, engage, and comment on the stories that matter to you.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP



The chakras are important centres of energy that appear throughout your body. For thousands of years, keeping the chakras in balance has been linked to maintaining mental and physical well-being. Through chakra meditation, you can improve the balance of your key chakras and bring your health and mental attitude into a more peaceful state

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, RESTful WebServices, Model-view-viewmodel (MVVM)

Merry Christmas

Discover festive Christmas decorating ideas and photos for you and your party. Save and share inspiring holiday decor with this app, featuring beautiful, funny, and impressive Xmas decoration ideas and designs in curated galleries.

Tech Stack: Swift (iOS), PHP, RESTful WebServices

Taxi 3.0

The Taxi 3.0 app is the easiest and fastest way to book a cab or a taxi in Philippines.

Cheeeese - Motion Snapshots

Cheeeese App Moving memories made for sharing. Memories come alive with this app that captures images like animated GIFs—blending the immediacy of still photos with the vividness of videos—and enables easy sharing with friends and family via communal albums and live projection at events. From its interface to workflow, this social camera app is designed to make browsing, viewing and capturing memories its primary focus


The ultimate SMS and text message app that is conversational and simple, with a clean texting interface for SMS messages – the way apps used to be.


Druckguss Service Deutschl (DSD) core competence lies in special machine construction, especially die casting machines. DSD attach great importance to service and know-how. Due to our experience and continuous further education we offer among other things excellent and certified quality in the field of most modern production technology (according to DIN EN ISO 9001) as well as in our welding department (according to DIN EN ISO 3834-2 and EN 1090 EXC 3)

KOA Conference App

Download the KOAapp and be inspired, empowered and connected during the KOAconference #bettertogether
• Upload informations about yourself
• Check the agenda
• Get informations about the companies that are part of the KOAconference
• Set your appointments with the HR department of the companies


The eMoov app offers the safest and easiest way to ride, with multiple travel options and well-protected rides. 

Fair Fare

New to the city or locality? Trying to find most suitable and secured mode of transport to reach your destination? Fair Fare India (“Fair Fare”) is here to help you!

Fair Fare APP has been delivered to you by Mobilint Solutions Private Limited (“Mobilint”), India. Mobilint has currently released this APP for use in the metropolitan regions of Mumbai and Pune in India. Very soon, Mobilint plans to roll it out to other Indian metro cities as well.

When you register with Fair Fare, you Instantly get 200 Reward Points. What’s more, you keep earning additional Reward Points with each ride!


PeCfy is a sports tech based platform that creates an eco-system for sports enthusiasts to support connections, fan engagement with each other, enhances sporting event experience along with the purchase of merchandise and memorabilia. Built on the latest technology, it aims to foster human bonds and provide a memorable experience.


Satellitehome app is an intelligently designed Real Estate app for smart users who are looking for buying, selling and renting properties on the Go!


“I had the pleasure of working with Manish for three years at the MindsAtWork, collaborating on several project teams. His ability to handle multiple projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and made a dramatic increase in the productivity level of our company.”
“Manish is wonderful to work with, and has exceptional expertise in iOS developement and testing. He consistently demonstrates a solid work ethic to success. He is self-motivated, methodical, and very capable. He is reliable and an inspring tem player.”
“I know manish as a hard working and very serious team player. Manish is a great developer, and certainly can get my full recommendation”
“Manish is hardworking, result driven and extremely talented individual. He is ready to deal with difficult situations and solve the problems on time. I absolutely would recommend him as Senior Software Engineer.”
“Manish works with absolute clarity. Be it gathering software requirements, fixing bugs, creating user-stories or communicating with the customer, Manish ensures he extracts the best out of his juniors and helps them realise the same! Apart from being a classic mentor, he's a person who will connect with you on a deeper personal level!😊 Really lucky to have an awesome senior like him!🔥”
“I had the pleasure of working with Manish for more than 2 years at MSM. I am in awe of his ability to handle multiple projects and tasks together and complete them to perfection. He is a hard worker and serious team player and fully gets my recommendation!”
“Manish is a highly skilled mobile developer and also adept at guiding and mentoring resources. he has demonstrated a very good agile mindset in addressing enhancements, new developments and fixes. Technically, his skills are worth recommendation and his analytic skills are also very good. He will prove to be an excellent resource and will highly recommend him for any position that suits his skill set. ”
“I was working with Manish for the past year. He's an enthusiastic iOS developer who's always eager to pick up new skills. He's also not afraid to take on a new challenge to extend his horizon. Thank you Manish for your hard work and commitment. It was a true pleasure working with you.”
“We’ve worked together on several projects and Manish is one of the best people to have as a partner. I highly recommend him for Mobile/Frontend development, as he has very good knowledge of it. He helped us during hard times and we were able to innovate. He knows how to help his pairs and get the best out of them”